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Duct Cleaning Process

DUCTS Air Duct Cleaning Van

With every home or business, there is a new and different challenge. 

Ducts Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. technicians are the top in their field.

Constant continuing education and quality control are always practiced.

Ducts Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. uses only the best HVAC Distribution Ventilation Air Duct Cleaning equipment available. There are no "One Size Fits All" when comes to the process and the equipment needed to ensure the Best possible results for our clients. Every van, truck, and trailer needs a variety of equipment and tools available to get the job completed successfully.  


Upon arrival the master Tech will conduct a full inspection of the Air Duct system. The inspection will consist of pictures showing the condition of ducts before cleaning. The inspection information of the ducts condition and type of air ducts in use, will dictate the process and procedure necessary to ensure maximum success for each clients project.​The procedure and equipment needed will be explained in detail. Before and after pictures will be taken for the entire project. Pictures are as necessary to the techs as they are to you, the owner. 

Our Duct Cleaning Process



Cleaning consist of using the NADCA approved "Push/Pull" method. Spin brushes, specifically designed for your ducts and/or special manufactured compressed air tools are used in all branch ducts, intakes, and main plenum, agitating and breaking loose all dust and debris, sending it to our large HEPA triple filtered negative air machines. We use only the best and most powerful HEPA equipment in the industry.




Sealing consists of using approved sheet metal tape to all leaky voids and gaps in floors, ceilings, and duct connections. This will increase annual savings from past energy lost and keep air ducts cleaner, preventing unconditioned air, dust, and debris from re-entering the air duct system.



If you are already experiencing illness and allergies from dirty contaminated air ducts, the last thing you need is unknown chemicals sprayed inside the ducts. After a Ducts Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. and sealing, we have special plasma ionizing & ozone generators that we disperse throughout the air duct system while under negative pressure. This technique is designed to destroy spores, bacteria, germs, viruses, and the odors associated with them. We also have our own preparatory green cleaning & sanitizing solutions to loosen and clean the tough dirt and grim anchored inside the ducts. 

If it's in your Ducts, it may be in your Lungs... & It's in your Ducts!

Reducing Energy Cost & Improving Indoor Air Quality. Everyone Deserves A Healthy Home & Workplace!

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